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The University Of Georgia

I have omitted and obfuscated confidential information in this case study.

My Role

User Experience & Service Design responsible for:

User Research

Synthesizing Research

Process Mapping

User Flow

Screen Flow

Usability Testing


Facilities task force called for improved communication during project lifecycle.

We want to connect facilities requestors, Facilities departments, and technicians with one web-based application so that there is improved communication about service requests throughout the lifecycle of a project.


Previous UX and Service Design projects revealed a more substantial problem.

While gathering research for previous UGA facilities projects like, “Decreased Meeting Times By 65%” and Website That Improved Data Entry Accuracy By 90%,” I realized we were putting band-aid fixes on a much larger problem. Facilities requests were being managed legacy apps that lacked user-friendly integration to each other.

Key Goal

Our goal is to make the communication and business processes easier during the entire life-cycle of a facility work request for every UGA employee.


This project is currently in process, and the expected general launch slated for Summer 2020.


We made a business case for UX and moving services to one application.

This project implements the missing customer-facing browser-based application from AssetWorks geared to improving the user experience in the existing Facilities Management Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS).

With ReADY Request, employees can easily find, submit, and track the progress of their requests.

Team Structure

7 people, working outside of the box, for positive change.

I am the UX Designer and Agile leader for this project. The most important take-away here: I’m proud of this team. They are doing something far outside of their comfort zone to support the mission of the University and make work easier for all UGA employees. Most are learning about Agile and UX as we go.

My goal is to train staff to use design thinking and agile ideologies so they can scale, and user-centered processes become the norm. Here is a look at our team structure and process:

AIM Team Structure

Here are some select project details.


Every full-time UGA employee will use ReADY Request.

When working with or for the Facilities Management Division, every full-time UGA employee will use ReADY Request. 

User Research

Aggregating User Research from recent projects.

Past projects that built the business case for this rollout; we were addressing the same user groups but in a more efficient way. It made sense to use the research from the previous 6 months’ process and design improvement projects.

User Persona & Empathy Map Workshop

I led UGA Green Labs in a User Persona and Empathy Mapping Workshop to help better understand their end users for their upcoming website.

End of Fiscal Year 2019 Customer Journey & Survey Results

Using Qualtrics, I surveyed cost recovery renovation clients to benchmark the project process. This map was the tool I created to report to the division.

Facilities Shop - Process and User Research Workshop

For Facilities Warehouse, I led a workshop helping them better understand their users.  I started with an exercise in Process Mapping using index cards to find knowledge gaps.

As a group, we discovered, and white boarded the questions for the user interviews. I would then help them create a script and train them to do User Interviews for several zone shops in question. 

User Personas

6 types of facility user groups identified.

Evaluating the research, I identified 6 user types of facilities user groups, then created personas as cliff notes for the development team.

Onstage Users

Backstage Users

Onstage Users

Backstage Users


Hierarchy of facility services ordered with an object-oriented information system.

Working with the development team and internal stakeholders, I used Affinity Mapping and Card Sorting to evaluate the information system. With a focus on Object-Oriented UX, we continued organizing the architecture of the facilities services; this helped prioritize the features our team would start evaluating and building.

Development Process

Connecting business goals, stakeholder interests to make valuable user expereiences.

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